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Fallout 3

I don’t know what it is about the end of the world that piques my interest so much at the moment. Now that Blackett and Morgan have swanned off to Edinburgh and left me all alone (Boo and indeed hiss, but check out their fun and japes at I have been able to take [...]

The future - by Microsoft

According to microsoft, this is what the future will look like.
…so…covered in greasy finger marks then (btw, the first video is the montage, the 2nd video is the full 5 min version)
to be quite honest i don’t think they’re on quite the right tracks - consumption and consumerism are some of the main forces behind [...]

Dull Dull E3

As a Nintendo fanboy I was overly excited about this years E3 mainly due to Nintendo not announcing anything for the later half of this year leaving me thinking that they are going to drop a bombshell on what is to come. Sadly not, like last year Nintendo spent a good 15 minutes patting themselves [...]

Wii60....again...sort of.....I hate Microsoft

Wii60….again…sort of…..I hate Microsoft

Welcome to our 200th blog post woo YAY *throws glitter in the air* weeeee ‘celebrate good times come on’ etc etc.
And thank you Microsoft for giving me something to rant about, the image above (and slightly bigger after the break) is the leaked images from Microsoft take on the Mii. This makes me sad, happy [...]

Wii60 Waggle controls for all

News just in from engadget, it looks as though the 360 is about to get full wii like motion sensor controls as well as Blu-ray support. This made me giggle because Sony and Microsoft were all poo poo motion sensor controls poo poo no one will buy it, and here Microsoft is back tracking a [...]