Nintendo Announce A New Zelda Game (and some other stuff)

Today was the day of the Nintendo Key not speech where we get to see a little of what the big N has been up to over the last few very quiet months and it looks as though there were one or two announcements to stir a young fan boys heart.

The main one as you can see is all new DS Zelda with added trains. Hoorah. Phantom Hourglass was a a fantastic game (minus the temple you had to go back to over and over again) so with this along with the new Mario and Luigi RPG as well as the just released Grand Theft Auto it looks like the DS is going to cater for the ‘hardcore; audience again.

Slightly less exciting is the Virtual Console Arcade, another extension to the Virtual Console but for those who want to go truly old school.

There was also an indepth look at the new menu screen which will feature SD memory card support, allowing Wii players to download virtual console games onto a memory card and then actually play them off the card. Exciting times for all.

For the Wii there was a flurry of Final Fantasy games announced for the Wii and Wii Ware, one being a sequel to last years Life as a King which will look at a darker world of My Life as an Overlord, there is also a previously mobile phone only sequel to FF 4 on its way to Wii Ware.

The last announcement of any not was that Punch Out (a remake of an old NES game) will support the Wii Balance Board, I suppose its nice that some games do.

All in all its a good start for the year, its better than I was expecting but the Wii game line up is still looking a little weak for the coming year, a release date for Captain Rainbow would have been nice.

What do you think? Are you excited? What do you think was missing?

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