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Merlin: Less Robin Hood More Doctor Who…. Hoorah!

Merlin, the new Saturday Night BBC ‘Doctor Who’ slot big budget family friendly fun drama began tonight and I unlike everyone else I met was excited, thankfully I was not dissappointed
Commissioned and Produced by the mavericks that brought back the sometimes mentioned around these parts Doctor Who, Merlin is a new look at a very [...]


ok, so we’ve all heard of Buffy - vampires, slaying, turning her hometown into a crater in the last episode whilst sealing the connection between the demon world and ours, yes?
As part of the Buffy tv series, we heard about the lineage of slayers from the beginning of time - a strong girl is chosen [...]

4 Minutes of Buffy The Animated Series

The only 4 minutes of the Buffy spin-off that never was. I dont know how long this will stay online so catch it while you can, and if you want to find out more about this series just go here.

Buffy season 8- Wolves At The Gate conclusion

This is the final part of the ‘Wolves at the Gate’ story arc, and Drew Goddard’s last writing credit as Joss takes over next issue with the new arc featuring Fray (very very exciting by the way, but check it out for yourselves)
Its suitably devastating in all the right places, with the death of Xander’s [...]

Terminator Rumours and spoilers

At the moment there are two Terminator projects on the go, one being the second series of the mildly entertaining Sarah Conner Chronicles, which failed to ignite the imagination of millions but I enjoyed switching over to Virgin 1 once a week and only once a week to watch it. And the second project is [...]

Buffy: #13  Wolves At The Gate, Part 2

Buffy: #13 Wolves At The Gate, Part 2

Blimey, they get about these slayers. This time, it seem as if Buffy and co will be heading to Japan in the near future as some creepy Japanese vampires are stealing the power from slayers. Well, one slayer so far, but there’s sure to be more.
I adore Drew Goddard’s story lines; there are some genuinely [...]