Here at yourface there is mucho love for the red haired Wiccan (we know shes not in realy life but its fun to pretend) that was until she embarked on her post Buffy ‘carreer’ of dire comedies and getting fat. Then there was this picture (after the break) which makes her strongly resemble a greasy mole, no wonder she wasnt at the Buffy cast reunion last month, she was probably hanging her head in shame, I know I would have been.

Beautiful fresh faced Alyson who we know love and adore -

Now the ugly tramp version ewwwwww -

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  • Blakeborough
    I choose to believe that the real Willow has been taken over by a demon. The thought of beautiful beautiful Alyson turning into the crypt-keeper makes me cry salty fanwanky tears.
    A year or two ago, I'd have done anything to visit "Band Camp", but now, no thanks, no thanks.
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