DollHouse : from TV Kitty

Hello YFs TV Kitty, our lovely US TV correspondent has delivered this reveiw of the new Joss Whedon show DollHouse…

A real mess.

Helo from Battlestar plays a government agent and he’s off on his own strand trying to find Echo (apparently they knew each other in college). In the middle of all this, Echo is doing a Mission Impossible stint trying to rescue a girl from her bad kidnappers who are also child molesters who also molested “Echo” only not “Echo” but one of the personalities downloaded to Echo — the personality has asthma as a result and blows the mission because she gets asthma because she recognizes a kidnapper … which is a step up from Echo’s last mission, which was as a literal doll to some rich guy who wanted to celebrate his birthday with a hot girl who’s into bondage who also likes to race motorcycles and dance in really, really short skirts and who actually “falls in love” with him for who he is and who disappears right as his birthday ends because he can’t deal with anything except a real inflatable sex doll.

Thrown in is all the “what are we doing to these girls” angst, reinforced by a Helo mission to get some bad ass Russian mobsters who import girls for prostitution. And underlining all this is “What exactly did Echo do to get jail time — and was it so bad that it forces her to become a doll?”

Can’t wait til the next episode. I hope Whedon knows what he’s doing. It’s just so half-assed for him, but I heard a lot of changes were forced on him by Fox and now Fox is abandoning him with a “fuck you” TV slot. It’s too bad he couldn’t take it straight to the web. But this show needs a lot of money.

So there we have it folks possibly not the over the moon, wet my pants with excitmement review I was hoping for, but this can only get better for Dollhouse. Sarah Conner Chronicles has managed to stay on our screens for two series and Stargate lasted even longer with awful scripts and sub par acting. Dont for get you can follow TV Kitty at her very own blog just click here.