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Oh My Lord Torchwood


A-may-zing. Iv only just stopped watching and im gushing a little and trying to type this through a haze of tears. Cried like a hungry angry baby. In episode three of the new series Tosh steps up to the spotlight in an amazing heartbreaking story. When it popped up on screen that Helen Raynor had written this episode I did think oh no shes the one who wrote the dubious Dalek episodes in the last series of Doctor Who but she pulled a doozy out of the bag.

The episode revolves around Tommy who is frozen in 1918 as he holds the key to saving the world at some un known point in the future. He must be de frosted for one day every 12 months or so just check that he is in full working order then they put him back under the ice again. But over the past 4 years Tosh has started falling for him. I could go on for hours about the little looks and smiles that Tosh gives through the whole episode each one being so tragic because we know that some thing crap is going to happen to Tommy, otherwise the episode would be dull as hell. Also ontop of this we have a sneeky peek of old Torchwood (pictured) and the creepiest one legged man I have ever seen. Any way I think thats all I can say with out spoiling anything, if you missed it head over to the BBC iplayer and watch it for the next seven days till your eyes bleed.

Or if you have watched it dont forget the Torchwood Website with its amazing game. I LOVE TOSH.