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I LOVE TORCHWOOD! I love it, I love it, I love it….oh my good lord in heaven above I love it so much I could happily wet myself watching, oh how I wish all television was like Torchwood. I feel better after getting that out of my system.

Now if you have been watching Torchwood over the last couple of weeks you may be wondering what I am talking about because everything did seem to take a bit of a down turn after Reset (the first Martha episode.) But then this week we had Adrift which had me fixed to the screen and eventually bawling my eyes out and now we have Fragments probably one of the finest hours of drama I have ever watched and dare I say it better than Buffy?

Read on for more and possibly with a little bit of spoilers but will try my hardest not to say anything out of line in my ramblings.

This episode is so difficult to talk about with out spoiling something, each moment is a revelation but basically the Torchwood team (minus Gwen who seems to have slept in) go to investigate alien goings on in an abandoned warehouse only instead of ugly monster types getting up to no good a series of bombs are there to say hello and go kaboom all before the opening titles.

The rest of the episode is then split into four flash backs dealing with how Jack, Tosh, Ianto and Owen all got involved with Torchwood. Each section is full of fan wank references to not not only Torchwood but Doctor Who, the Doctor is mentioned more than once Tosh manages to create a prototype sonic screwdriver and UNIT feature rather heavily. All of which ends with the rather predictable return of Captain John and Grey.

Next week will have to be extra special overly amazing good to top this episode. My only gripes are the fact that there seems to be contradictions with the established continuity (I know, I know) most noticeably being that Jack was apparently recruited to Torchwood Cardiff at the turn of the century but does not appear in the photo of old Torchwood when Tommy is ressurceted and Jack doesn’t seem to know anything about that incident during the episode, also the time Tosh is being held by UNIT she is meant to be in London looking at an alien pig.

But these are such teeny tiny gripes and doesn’t change the fact that I loved it so much that I would marry it.

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