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Our comic book section is certainly brimming with goodies these days, but I couldn’t let the surplus put me off writing about Brian K Vaughan’s ‘Logan’. Arriving this month, and before the cinematic world completely takes Vaughan away from us, Logan is a three part mini-series about the origins of Wolverine.

The story takes place in WWII where Logan and an American soldier are Prisoners of War in a Japanese P.O.W camp. The upshot is, that they both escape from the camp and head out into the Japanese countryside, only to be startled by a woman crossing a bridge in front of them. A fight ensues between Logan and the U.S. soldier (who wants to kill the woman), the latter party swiftly dispatched of by Logan.

Some beautiful artwork follows, and the Japanese woman is revealed as a love interest for Logan. I’ll have to wait until the next issue to find out how it all goes, but I’m slightly sad that it will only get a measley 3 issues.

The only complaint I have is the front and rear outside covers are made of a really strange paper that is not only shiny, but also feels gritty yet greasy. It has to be felt to be believed. I don’t like it.