Hells Bells 2


I have watched this episode a number of times now and as much as I would like to I just cant like it. Its a big ol tounge in cheek action romp. Its Gwen’s wedding and oh deary me the night before whilst fighting some kind of zombie pointed toothy beast she manages to get a rather large bun in the oven. Now what is Gwen to do, should she A. postpone the wedding go to the hub and get the baby out of her belly or B. decide to go ahead with the wedding big belly and all and just see what happens.

Read on to see which option Gwen chose.

So of course she decides to go for option B. Goes to the wedding venue where the lover of the beasty that impregnated Gwen with their baby (some kind of three way thing)  inevitably arrives at the wedding. This leads to Gwen pretty much telling any one that is in hearing distance about Torchwood and that she captures aliens for a living. Of course like all Torchwood episodes it was not all awful and I suppose its bad of me to compare it to Hells Bells (an episode of Buffy that I still try not to think about.) The initial fight between Gwen and Reece when he finds out shes pregnant is amazing and as cliche as it might sound it is incredibly human. The make up on killing monster of the week is wonderful and creepy, well that is until it is put on John Barrowman who insisted camping it up. Any way groovy biscuits to the episode 3 out of 5.

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