Torchwood The Comic

I have learnt a new fear, and that fear my friends is seeing the name John Barrowman on the top of a comic book.

When I saw this I thought “hoorah a Torchwood comic, this will tide me over till the next series, oh and look John Barrowman has put his name on it so that makes it sort of canon so I won’t feel as though I am wasting my time.”

How wrong I was.

This comic is split into two stories. The first (The Selkie) is a standalone tale by John Barrowman the other (Broken) is part 1 of 5 by Gary Russell (who has a long history with the Doctor Who world).

John Barrowman is an actual filthy thief. He even admits to it! In the opening of the book he explains that the story for The Selkie is actually a tale his sister wrote many moons ago and he simply adapted it to fit Captain Jack in as the main protagonist. The phrase round peg and square hole come to mind. The poor sister is credited as ‘writer’ and for the ‘story,’ leaving me wondering how The Barrowman was actually involved in the creation of this comic, or is The Barrowman in fact his own sister?.

The story is drab, the artwork is drab, dialogue drab. If I had to sum it up in one word I would use drab. Completely lacking in all the joy, fun, sexyness of Torchwood. This is the Aunt Betsy of the Torchwood franchise.

Then came story two and ooooooOOOOOOoooooo the artwork is pretty, dynamic and striking. A few pages in and I am going oh wow I can’t believe he is back. Then it all goes wrong when a big mystery of the Torchwood world is explained away in a sentence and because the canonocity of the comic is still in question (yes this is something that bothers me) it makes you feel a little bit cheated.

In all not the greatest comic book I have ever purchased. But I think I gain ten extra geek points for this: