Who, Doctor Who

So here we go again.  Another mad scramble to find a new actor to play Doctor Who.  As a Doctor Who candidate, you’ll need plenty of charisma, a sparkle in your eye, and an ability to spit out masses of techno babble.  If you can act, fantastic.  The Telegraph gathered their experts and came out with this sad list:

David Morrissey
Robert Carlyle
Patterson Joseph
Catherine Tate
Rhys Ifans
John Simm.

While I admire their savvy in nominating a woman, they missed out on a pretty hot candidate (btw, if BBC is seriously considering a woman and exploring transgender issues, they ought to consider Alex Kingston who was outstanding as Dr. River Song).  Here’s my candidate:  Daniel Craig.  If he can beef up James Bond, why not Doctor Who?  He appeals to men, women, homosexuals, and probably cats.  He’s got so much sexual charisma, he can make Anne Reid sexy.  And he can act, not that he needs to do much other than stare at the camera with his piercing eyes.  He makes sense in the chronology, too, as Craig is an interesting blending of angsty Christopher Eccleston and goofy David Tennant.  And personally, I’d believe any babble Craig would spit out, techno or otherwise.  Can you imagine the ratings spike every week as beefy Doctor Who sheds shirt after shirt after shirt after shirt…

Hope all is well with you,

TV Kitty