Torchwood: Lost Souls

Oops, change of plan. Alex won’t be writing this one as I have stolen it in a haze of adaptation excitement. Hurrah for novelties.

Today’s adaptation is the Torchwood take on the madness happening at CERN in Switzerland. So, that’s a radio adapation of a TV programme, based on a real-life event.

Airing at 2:15pm on BBC Radio 4, Lost Souls told the story of the Torchwood team and their adventures in Switzerland. Or its proper synopsis “The John-Barrowman-tries-to-talk-technical show”.

My main feeling about this, as cool as it is that the Torchwood team are getting involved with the whole CERN shindig is mainly meh. I’m not a big fan of radio plays as I tend to find them a bit cheesy and some of the foley work really lame.

I have to confess to falling asleep for a little bit of this so I missed the plot in its entireity, but I gather that there was some sort of alien posing as dead people’s voices, so there were some bits of Tosh and Owen ghosts woooooing about. I didn’t like this bit at all. The rest of the programme centred around John Barrowman trying to explain CERN in a really awkwardly dramatised way whilst clearly not having the slightest clue what he was saying.

So overall, Torchwood should stick to telly. Radio just doesn’t suit a programme that relies so heavily on its gorgeous cast and special effects. A fun distraction this afternoon, but it didn’t rock my world.

Also, as a little side fact. Did anyone else know that Prof Brian Cox who seems to be showing up on daytime telly a lot to talk about CERN used to be the frontman for D:Ream?

“Things can only get better…”