Science takes one step closer to pure evil

Today the Leicester Mercury told me some joyful news. A group of crazy Japanese scientists have managed to clone some lovely mice from long dead mice making carbon copies of the long dead mice that are now free to roam their cage.

Noe heres the science part. Thank people at The Independant for letting me steal some text.

A team of Japanese scientists says it has now overcome the problem by successfully producing mouse clones from mice frozen at minus 20C for up to 16 years.

After thawing out the dead mice, the researchers collected nuclei from cells in their brain tissue.

These were injected into empty eggs whose own DNA had been removed, to generate cloned embryos.

Stem cells taken from the embryos were then used in a second round of cloning. Their genetic material was inserted into denucleated eggs, to produce embryos that grew into four mouse clones.

A further nine “chimeric” mouse clones were created by mixing the cells of different embryos.

Now alot of these words make next to no sense to me, but what I am not seeing here is the use of asexual frog cells, or lightening so I dont know if I trust it.

What this means for future generations, is that in theory we can bring dead species to life, personally I am looking forward to cute baby Wooly Mamoths bouncing about the place.

What are you looking forward to? Or do you think this is some how immoral are we getting too close to god?

Answers on a comment below.