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Buffy - Wolves At The Gate part 3

I really wish I could think of a more creative title for the Buffy comic series these headings are starting to get a bit long. But that is beside the point. There isn’t too much to say here really other than another month another amazing slice of Buffy joy. I’m thinking of developing a song so each month instead of me trying to say A-MAY-ZING in a new way I just copy and paste the song and every one at home or in their office can sing along. Or I could just moan and knit pick at all the things I am starting not too like. I suppose that could be more fun. Follow me after the break as I attempt to write things that I don’t like, it may be a bit spoilery, so follow at your perrel.

Poor poor Xander, he falls in love again and she gets all cut up by the bad dudes again. If I was him I would just give up and kill myself. But then again maybe Willow will toodle along and heal up Renee like she managed to brain ok after the little bit of a lobotomy she went through in the first story arc. Also thinking that this does imply that Joss is a raving racist, no people of colour in the TV series and here we have an evil Oriental type making Buffy into a raving lesbian which the church has taught me is a sin and the only black girl since Kendra and she gets skewered and Kennedy gets to survive. The world makes no sense.

Really starting to miss Giles :( Bring him back, the new hard as nails Giles would simply slap Buffy every time she complains about being alone. Andrew also needs more to say, wouldn’t mind one issue set around Andrew, he could fill in the blanks a little about what happened between the demise of Sunnydale and where we are now, not that I’m dying to know just trying to think of ways he could get an issue to himself.

Thats pretty much it, not much of a review more a rambling about the series in general. I will try to hate next month so I can spout some venom. It will be my last chance to hate it because the Fray arc then starts, and its making me wet myself a little, but rumour on the street is that it also means the return of the dreaded lesbian Kennedy, no one likes you Kennedy, not even your Mom.