Buffy: #13 Wolves At The Gate, Part 2

Buffy- wolves at the gate

Blimey, they get about these slayers. This time, it seem as if Buffy and co will be heading to Japan in the near future as some creepy Japanese vampires are stealing the power from slayers. Well, one slayer so far, but there’s sure to be more.

I adore Drew Goddard’s story lines; there are some genuinely funny moments throughout this issue, Willow asking Satsu how Buffy was in the sack springs to mind, but I felt a distinct lack of any ‘oooooooooooh’ moments. Having said that, this season has been incredible so far (over a year now!), so I really can’t complain about a slightly beige issue.

Its an issue building to something big, so fans shouldn’t be disheartened that this month is not as great as usual, and should be content that Dracula is back, the cover featuring Dawn-zilla for next month looks awesome, and the scene with Andrew teaching the slayerettes about Dracula was hilarious. I’m so happy that they’ve got Andrew’s voice just right, as he has always been one of my faves.

I pose a question though: Did Xander’s head look strange in this issue? Like it was too big, or his body was drawn too weedily?