Olympic Cadbury and spiders

We like the Cadbury’s advertising quite a lot here at YourFace. Well, except the lazy rehashing of old ads with new music. That, we do not like.

So, I’m glad to see that they’re back on form with a beautiful looking ad where some sort of under-the-sea incomprehensible sport is being played between fishes and stuff with spots, and those with stripes. Just as well it’s fish really cos I’m honestly getting pretty sick of all the London 2012 gubbins. I think if it had been children or paralympians or montages of people running I’d have vomited.

Blackett may not be so fond of our arachnid friends, but personally I quite like them. This is my very favourite spider-related thing ever ever and brings back wonderful childhood memories. Please enjoy. For spiders are lovely. Snakes however…no thank you.