Primeval Series 3: Episode 3

Take a deep breath I will say this only once, I enjoyed this weeks Primeval more than Doctor Who and would recommend enduring the still awful ITV player to watch it.

A quick run synopsis because lets face it its not as though any one will have watched this (who ever decided to put this awesome episode up against Doctor Who was a fool.) Adorable little cute beaver dinosaurs come through the anomaly in a hospital and the team run off to get them. Whilst they are busy evil Helen (boo hiss) goes to the Ark with a bomb and an army of clones including one that’s a spitting image of Cutter. After threatening to kill every one she drops a number of bombshells such as The Ark will create the future predators and they will eventually devour the earth then she shoots and kills Cutter and in with the mix she blows up The Ark and the audience discover that there is an anomaly inside the big stone wand Helen has been carrying about.

Who ever wrote this episode should continue with their good work, who would have thought that Primeval would be able to carry off a strong A and B storyline then switch it round so the B story is more important then drop numerous bombshells and then in one of the best moments let the audience know more about what is going on than the people in the show.

Would it be wrong that I would like to take responsibility for this episode? for years I have been saying that this show works so much better with a smaller ensemble cast and that the introduction of The Ark was a bad idea, tah dah The Ark is gone and so is another member of cast. Hopefully this will give Ben Miller a lot more to do because I think I love him a little, his reaction to being shoved into a storage room by one of the Helen clones was priceless.

Well done Primeval team, please keep this up for the next few episodes.

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