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How Will I Stop My Tears

Primeval Future Predator
It is done. Series two came to the anti climatic ending that we all hoped and knew it would be. Some one even died and the lazy lazy writers didnt even try to have some one make any type of sentimental speach instead they decided the funeral would be a good time for a beautiful cast shot which I have an inckling will be turning up in the opening of the much anticipated series 3. I would love to review this episode but as it has already taken 60minutes of my life away I refuse to so just pop over to the ITV website and make your mind up but just for giggles I will sum up a few exciting things you are about to see. A very useful room with lights in the floor, a laser zoo, Spider-raptor is back, as well as Spider-scorpian and Spider future monkey looking thing and more cleaners than you can shake a stick at.