Who Is Jessie J?


Jessie J, Jessie J, Jessie J what exactly are you?

This is the question I have been asking myself since her second single ‘Price Tag’ entered the airwaves. When the first rumblings were hitting the internet about Jessie J she was being touted as the UK Gaga - a singer songwriter extraordinaire with the style, attitude and brains to beat her American counterpart. ‘Do it like a dude’ had a gangsta edge but with pop beats that let it stand out from the crowd and showed a promising and exciting artist coming our way. She looked like she was going to be Cheryl Cole turned up to 11 but then confidence seemed to be lost in this Jessie persona and she was re cast as a Lilly Allen clone, if you don’t believe me please look at exhibits A and B.



Is it incredibly witty to parody your first video in your second? Or does it just show a management team that actually have no idea what to do with you?

Then you come to the album ‘Who You Are’ (is the name actually a joke I’m not in on, WHO ARE YOU JESSIE?) which was seen as innovative in the way it brought its release day forward due to public demand. Or so the press release claims. What we ended up with is a half baked album that just feels like her team were scared that the public would become bored of her in the time that it would have taken to create the album that Jessie J deserves, you would think they would have learned from X Factor by now. She is clearly a fantastic songwriter and her voice is amazing but this album jumps from sounding like Alicia Keys to The Saturdays by way of Christina Aguilera, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t make a cohesive product. I think all new pop artists need to take a leaf out of the Gaga book, I’m not suggesting every one should be popping out of eggs willy nilly but they should have a very clear identity and brand around their music, I dont think Jessie has that.

Or possibly the problem is that because she has written for so many different artists Jessie J is yet to find the songs that she actually writes for herself.