New Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are … and the Return of the Mark

Good lord, Who’s that? Is it me? Have I really returned? Can it be true??

Yes, my dears, the rumours are all true, i’ve been reviewing the situation, come to my senses and decided that having fun writing for my dear favourite webzine is far more important and worth my time than studying -- so we’ll treat this post as my degree’s suicide note.

Anywho, on to the business at hand -- I don’t know which film you’re all looking forward to seeing this October 16th, but certainly nearing the top of my list is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

Sigh, isn’t it just lump-in-your-throat lovely? I’m just sooooo excited by this, probably more excited than a 20 year old should be -- but from the off, the move from incredibly detailed illustrated story book to live action film looks like its done incredibly faithfully -- i’m so glad they haven’t tried to cartoonise the monsters or change the style -- the music on the trailer and the style of hand-drawn graphics gives it a slight ‘Juno’ feel -- only with 16feet high friendly monsters who provide the playtimes and imaginings of a young boy with a way-too-active imagination

Admittedly, I’m not sure I remember the whole story about his mum’s lovelife from the book, but its been a very long time since i read it, so feel free to prove me wrong.

I’m sure I’ve seen the boy (teehee, Max Records, sounds like a welsh recording company) in an advert or an obscure film, but cannot for the life of me think where -- any clues?

Yay for Maurice Sendak and Spike Jonze for realising one of my all time favourite story books

that is all for me for now, but expect me again soon! :)