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Gladiators Ready


After a ten year break Gladiators are back and I loved every moment of it. From the moment it began I felt my 10 year old self welling up inside and all the anger and shouting that I normally keep restrained for stressful sessions of Mario Kart came welling up as the blue girl and the red boy didn’t seem to have a clue about what they are doing. Blue Girl did not deserve to win, I don’t care if her father is dead or not.

The Gladiators themselves didn’t look as ridiculous as the posters hinted at (well thats except for Battle Axe but thats ok because we can make fun of her). However nothing could prepare us (yes we had a Gladiators starting party) for ‘Oblivion’ who is trying so desperately to be the new ‘Wolf’ but being called the big O or referring to himself as the O zone does not help. But Atlas makes up for it, honest to god cannot wait for him to fall in the water.

The general consensus from those gathered here today is that:

Morgan: Awsome but the studio looks small

Earnshaw: Liked it but the people were crap falling off the platforms too early, reminded me of old times.

Small: Very nostalgic

Two thumbs ups cant wait till next week, the shouting at the TV makes me feel like a man.