Merlin and his Magic Men

I thought seeing as my posts of late had been rather intellectual, well, for me anyway, I’d get back down to some good old fashioned perving.  The hot topic of the BBC at the mo is Merlin the wonderboy, so i thought i’d plunder it’s briny depths, and show the world my pick of the talent, that i deem worthy of a drool or two.

Firstly is, of course, Merlin, played by the lovely, elfin-looking, cheekbone-agogo, Colin Morgan (who as you can hear from that link, has a rather gorgeous irish accent in real life, why oh why couldn’t merlin have been irish??)

Seen here as ‘Jethro’ in Doctor Who series 3, ‘Midnight’ …. slobber

Merlin’s Master (teehee) is the oh-so-pectoral Arthur, played by Bradley James

Now I can’t be the only one to have sighed wistfully on noticing his floppy blonde hair, big blue eyes, incredible shoulders and chest, can I?

Slobber some more - also his broody teenage defiance of his father, Uther (read: Evil Giles), is quite attractive.

And last but not least, our newest character from Saturday’s episode - Lancelot, think Prince Caspian only with stubble and a hairy chest (woopwoop!!)

Sigh, i must admit i did get a little bit excited when he and Arthur were having a sparring match - did they actually rip each others shirts off and kiss passionately? or was that just my imagination? :P

Having said that, he does look equally good in tshirt and jeans, well done Santiago Cabrera

All I can say is bring on the rest of the series!

sigh, slobber, yum.