Sunday Club

(Left to right: Steve Shutt, Christian Bollingbroke, Guy Jolley, Sebastian Bollingbroke and Oli Dickinson)

I’ve been threatening to write this for a while now as the new lead singer and pianist Oli is a good friend of YourFace and I’d like to use our one opportunity to name drop before they all bugger off and become famous and rich and sneer at us from hotel balconies.

And I can see it happening at that. The rich and famous bit anyway.

Sunday Club are, in their own words, “an acoustic, electric melodic band with a penchant for great song writing encompassing tremendously catchy melodies” and to be honest, this is a pretty perfect description. The couple of times I’ve been to see them play I’ve found myself at work the morning afterwards singing their songs as if they’re old favourites (Riot Proof is particularly awesome; listen out for that one)

But what do they sound like? Counting Crows for one. With a bit of Goo Goo Dolls and a slight dash of Tori Amos-esque pomposity. Sunday Club make proper music with proper melodies, lyrics that clearly mean something, and sing-along choruses. Live, they’re all highly accomplished musicians, who although still finding confidence, give a polished and tight performance that some already signed artists should aspire to.

They also seem to be making a bit of a name for themselves too, with highly successful gigs here in Leicester (The Musician, The Charlotte, Sumo and Summer Sundae weekender) and high profile opportunities like the Birmingham Clothes Show, Cavern Club and Camden Barfly. There’s also a rather exciting gig at Water Rats in London during September I believe where we all get to jump in a minibus and follow them around like groupies. Yay. Sunday Club are also taking over the rest of the country with upcoming performances in Coventry, Derby and Lemington Spa.

So, I’m thinking some big things to come. You can catch some of their lovely music on the website, and also on their MySpace page, but this is all before Oli’s time at the moment, so stay tuned for a proper studio album which features the new line up and new sound which I understand is coming soon(ish).

Sunday Club are a thoroughly pleasant and talented bunch and deserve for big things to come their way. Check out their music online, drop them an email, or just pop over to the next gig. I’m giving my personal guarantee of a lovely night out.