Rowan Atkinson is funny, NEWSFLASH

so there I was trying to drown out my brother’s noisy friends in the next room, and i turned my attention to youtube.

I can’t be arsed to add all the videos to the post, but if you follow this link there’s a whole caboodle of funnies featuring our very own Rowan Atkinson

If I may, i’d like to recommend ‘Schoolmaster’, ‘Smut’, ‘Invisible Conductor’, ‘Invisible drumkit’, ‘the piano player’ to name a few

Rowan Atkinson really is a National Treasure, he’s not just funny, he’s skilled in the art of funny - how long must he have practised for the invisible drumkit routine? how much must his arms have been aching for the invisible pia no? how much self-control must he have not to corpse during his schoolmaster routines!?