Nintendo Announces the DSi and a bundle of treats

Here it is folks the new DS courtesy of the lovely folks at engadget. There is a 3 mega pixel camera on the outisde and an internal camera too. Along with this it is 12% thinner, no longer has the GBA slot (how will Guitar Heroes work?) has larger internal memory, although how much has not been disclosed, a web browser , SD slot, a slightly larger screen and music playback. On top of this the DS will be getting its own online store for downloadable content and will launch in Japan next month for around $180.

The down side is that this is being described as a ‘third platform’ so this is more of a redesign rather than fully blown brand new machine which is fine with me as Nintendo also announced a bundle of games to go with it. Most of these games are the fashion/cooking/learn to walk games that we are used to on Nintendo systems however I thought it was interesting that there will be Mii integration also SUPER MARIO RPG 3 made me a little excited as well a new Wario game..

And the Wii has not been forgotten.

The problem of memory on the wii has been solved with……..drum roll….please……..memory cards in the SD slot. Oh, that seems rather obvious. As of Spring next year all Wii owners can store and play off their memory cards whoot and indeed whoot.

On the games front we have Sin and Punishement 2.

A sequal to the N64 arcade shooter, which is so addictive it hurts, you can try the first one on the VC at the moment.

As well as:

  • Let’s Tap, developed by Prope, published by Sega. The sidescrolling platformer/fireworks … thing.
  • Karaoke Joysound, developed and published by Hudson. We knew about the game, but this video was the first look. It’s the one with the rabbity avatar.
  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. We saw scans of this remake this morning, and now there’s the first video.
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Wii. It’s the one that looks like a Taiko game! Coming December 11!

And many Nintendo-published games for 2009!

  • Some kind of memory game titled Start with 100 Words! This is the one with the video clip of the guy saying “I will remember …”
  • Punch-Out!!
  • Another Code (Trace Memory)
  • Kensakusu, which we can’t transliterate at the moment. The one with the shooting gallery.
  • Cosmic Walker, a totally amazing-looking space walk game!
  • Spawn Smasher (again, early translation), the one about a little guy smashing stuff up in a field.
  • Dynamic Combat (temporary), a neat-looking hack-and-slash
  • Wand of Magic, the action-RPG thing
  • Sin and Punishment 2 (yay!)
  • Forever Blue 2 Beautiful Ocean: sequel to Endless Ocean
  • Some kind of NHK quiz game guaranteed never to leave Japan
  • Line Attack Heroes, some kind of action game about grabbing enemies and flinging them at each other?
  • First video of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time. It really does appear to be a DS game ported directly to Wii.

Thanks Nintendowiifanboy for that list.

As well as these games ‘Nintendo Classiscs’ has been announced. These will be games that Nintendo didn’t think they made enough money on in the Gamecube days. The first one is Pikmin, which is great as more people should experience the Pikmin joy but god damn it I want pikmin 3.