Sarah Jane Adventures: The Day of the Clown

This episode is a perfect example of why Sarah Jane is wasted being broadcast on a Monday at some time that no one will ever see it and would make for perfect Sunday tea time viewing. This episode is awesome and incredibly scary, think Stephen Kings ‘IT‘ with a dash of ‘Blink.’

Scary clown fellow who is the root of the Pied Piper fairytale has come to Sarah Janes part of the world and children are now going missing. With the help of new girl Rani and a convenient mobile phone plot device they do manage to save the day. But they also manage to make me scream like a girl, Bradley Walsh would give Tim Curry a run for his money with his creepy walking past window ways and handing ballons out through mirrors. EEK. Mixed in to all the terror are random moments where Rani stops and takes a moment to relish how wonderful the universe is and how fantastic aliens are. These could be cheesy, but for kids this gives them a moment to look about them and hopfully think that the world is rather niffty and spark their imagination.

The only thing that let this story down a smidgen for me (oh why cant i just be positive) is the fact that Sarah Jane is really scared of Clowns, this Sarah Jane has travelled the universe, saw the creation of Davros and an ickle clown still sends shivers down her spine? I think not.

I reccomend that you go here right now and start watching Sarah Jane Season 2 right now.

You can read Mr. Smalls thoughts on the first episode here.

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