Angel After The Fall #5


This is the final chapter of the initial Angel story ark and Angel has gone to war with the other lords in hell. And I am finding it difficult to care. The story oddly feels messy and I’m starting to think that setting the comic in hell did offer a what the f*** factor for readers but means now 5 months later that the characters are still in a world that is difficult to relate to, making me for one, not care.

The story oddly seems messy, which I suppose goes with the art work which has been inconsistent. The writer doesn’t seem to be able to handle the fact that the story is spread across a city rather than a central location and the ideas of distance are in no way explained which makes the end of this issue feel incredibly underwhelming when Team Angel finally come back together again. Then the much hyped final page made me just go ‘oh’ (sad face) ‘is that it?’ and now because I am a sucked for anything with the Joss Whedon name on I will have to sit through a 3 issue arc within in an arc until we get the final resolve of the story. Kind of wish they had just released this as one big hard back book, that would have been nice. Or they could have thought it through and not tried to shamelessly tried to cash in on the success of Buffy season 8.

And I do realise that my opinion has completely changed from my last post but meh, Its probably to do with the fact that there is a 4 month wait befor they resumethe story and Spike is also getting his own spin off from this series and if there is one character I can not stand is topless for no reason Spike and his cocky mockney ways.