The Apprentice

I know this is a few days late but I have been sitting and thinking and mulling the whole ordeal over and I have come to this conclusion. Sir Alan Sugar is misogynistic cunt I hope that I never work for him, unless that is, I have committed some sort of heinous crime and I do need to be punished. (Although I feel at this point I should say a friend of mine worked for Sir Alan and said he was lovely and thanked all the lower down people who had helped at the event, not name dropping, well I am a little bit, just felt I should give the whole picture.)

I don’t understand what message this programme is trying to give out. Systematically Sir Alan (how can a Sir be named Alan, what is the world coming to) rejected the intelligent and well educated people in favour of those that had dropped out of school to enter the world of work from a young age. Then finally he chose Lee to win, a man who made simple spelling mistakes (I know I am disgusting for spelling mistakes, but im not aiming to get a £100,000 job any time soon) on his CV as well as, you know, lying. It was also quickly forgotten that the man is a bully, the day poor Sara came back from the boardroom and Lee decided that it was the wrong decision he stood over her, pointed a finger at her and then shouted in her face.Surely this is the exact opposite from the type of people who actually watch the show?

However the show did give me Lucinda, and although she may not have been the best at taking orders when it came to be a team leader she was nothing short of genius. I honestly hope to work for her one day.

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