Micheal Bay is set to ruin Friday 13th

Friday The 13th

Ooooo look another needless remake, or is it? I am torn with these new versions of classic horror films. I hold my hand up and say I enjoyed the ‘House of Wax,’ ‘Texas Chainsaw Masacre’ and the ‘Hills have Eyes’ remakes. To me, and please dont shoot me for saying this, the originals seem clunky, slow and lacking in tension. These over the top gory remakes may be cheap thrills but at the time weren’t the originals? They were never built to be the classic films that some see them as today.

The only thing that suprised me with this trailer is that Jason is in it, I thought this was a straight remake in which its Jasons mother is the killer, its actually made me slightly more interested that this looks like its going to be a new story.