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Hello Blackett here, thought I would nudge in and have a quick foreword befor handing you over to Mark. ‘Dragging Egos’ is a short documentary shown in Northern Ireland earlier this year and is now freely available for all to see on youtube, YAY to free stuff online. It features…well stars our dear friend Donna Black and our other friend Mark Small has this to say:

Donna Black is a Belfast-based ‘alternative’ photographer and artist who’s first solo exhibition has been presented through a ‘3-minute wonder’ style (only its 6 minutes) programme.  The programme interviews Donna and tells us how she followed a drag queen, Mark Boyles backstage during his performances, and in the exhibition we see his transition from everyday guy to fabulous mistress of the night, beware, men in bras.  I like the exhibition and the programme because as Black explains, this kind of thing just isn’t done in Belfast, whereas in London or New York she’d only be part of the crowd.  I’m also very impressed with the programme - the way it’s shot, the effective interviewing and the atmospheric incidental music.

I’m giving this video 8 drag queen portraits out of 10, and Ms Donna B 10 out of 10 for simple brilliance and courage to be inspiring and unique :)

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  • cheers ! :D
  • Darren
    oooooooooooooooooooooo! Excellent! I wondered when the footage would pop up :)
  • Graham
    Donna, I saw a wedding photo of yours in Tatler and came across this. I think we met once at the Kremlin (friend of Will's). Great stuff.
  • cheers yeah I remember you now, was wondering there as I call "will" william but thanks :)
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