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We have been rather lazy on the comic book front, although we do have our hands on the latest Locke and Key and Serenity they have failed to spark our attention enough to actually write about them. Oh well. However the reason I am writing this is that I was put to shame last night. I was having a boogie last night, pulling shapes getting my groove on and the like when out of no where I am asked ‘Who do you think Twilight is?” This confused me some what as my instant thought was Twilight is more of a when than a who, but after a little explanation I realised he meant the big bad of Buffy season 8.

This got me thinking. How do I not care about this person, I don’t think there has been once when we have sat down and had a nerd session about who twilight is, but now I will throw out some ideas and then we can all start caring, by god I am going to generate buzz of some kind, even after a little Google session I only found one blog that even attempted to talk about it.

Follow after the post break for a number of bullet pointed thoughts and suggestions.

  1. Its Joyce, back from the dead and pissed off. The spell that Dawn did/done/cast way back in season 5 actually brought Joyce back to life and has spent the last few years incredibly pissed off at her children because they would not let her through the front door.
  2. Its Clem, nuff said
  3. Caleb stitched himself together again and developed the power of flight.
  4. They finally decided to flesh out that old dude, lizard man from season 5 who pushed Spike of the top of the shitty Eiffel Tower. The writers sort of ballsed things up with him I always felt and he didn’t really make sense, especially when Spike started going by his name to bread the spider things that Riley came along to kill. Which leads me on to.
  5. Its Riley, the blandest character on earth has gone evil.
  6. Finally its some one bran spanking new but will be the half brother twice removed from some random bad guy from an episode that only had ten minutes filmed due to budget cuts so during the reveal all true geeks of the world can piss themselves with joy.