Doctor Who Christmas Special cast announced

Digital Spy-ing is usually how I spend my lunchtime and it’s always nice when they lead with a Who story about how the final Doctor Who cast for Xmas has been announced.

Now, quite honestly I didn’t know who any of these people were. All I know is that Pooky is an excellent first name. I’d also obviously missed the announcement that Dumbledore and Katherine Jenkins are going to be in Who. Hmmmm. In my mind I’m imagining that she’ll be like The Diva from Fifth Element but more Welsh and less body-trumpet.

So enjoy. Personally I’m not all that excited about Christmas Who. Sacriledge! the other two will scream, but I was disappointed with the last series and especially as Sherlock showed us what Moffatt is really capable of. I liked Amy and I liked Matt Smith as the Doctor but it was just missing something. Narrative largely. Such a shame as we know that when he’s on fine form, Moffatt is incredible.