Buffy Season 8: Time Of Your Life

This was a rather dissapointing tale that was 6 months in the telling.

This four part tale by the main man himself Joss Whedon whisked Buffy into a future of fan wanky goodness that crossed over with Joss’ first foray into the world of comics, Fray. What promised to tie up all loose ends of continuity between these two series (in Fray she is the first slayer to be called in two hundred years where as Buffy has just made every potential slayer into one meaning there are thousands of slayers dandering across the globe) turned out to be a bit of a mess that took the world of Buffy absolutely no where and infact raised, in a Lost like fashion, more questions than answers. This is rapidly becoming a problem with Buffy Season 8, not content on just answering what on earth happened in the year and half we have missed they keep on throwing in a whole bundle of new questions and for a comic series that comes out once a month (if we are lucky) this is starting to get tired.

The thrills have become so little now that when a cameo arrives it means nothing as that trick has been pulled since issue one, and plus no one cares about Riley.

I cant help but feel Joss has gotten bored of Buffy and is far more interested in Dollhouse, I just hope it pays off and that the team of writers that will be penning the next couple of issues give this series a much needed booster shot of love and excitment.