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I think I struck gold today, Thursday is new comic book day here in the U.K. so i made my weekly pilgrimage to forbidden planet knowing full well that this is the week where there is nothing but in the vain hope that I would see some new treat to feed my growing crack habit. This week my prayers came true and sitting just to the right of this months Buffy was the first issue of the American Doctor Who comic which launched in January.

Now this has been like gold dust to find and I have heard many conflicting stories on why its not on general release in the UK, surely a monthly comic book of the adventures of the Doctor and Martha would sell by the bucket load. The most believable is something to do with copy right and Doctor Who comic strips and blah blah blah but will eventually be released in some kind of graphic novel form because apparently that’s ok.

Read past the break for my spoilerish review.

The story of this issue is that the Doctor and Martha have a bet that the Doctor will not be able to find her the perfect chocolate milkshake. In a final attempt to prove her wrong they end up at a space station with a laser whip wheilding Sycorax who has been collecting the last of each species that he comes across. So what starts as a rather childish opening turns into a rather dark tale, with full panel for body disintergration.

I enjoyed this more than I expected to but there were little fanboy erks such as growing a sonic screwdriver being mentioned and the doctor saying that humans are one of the last three races at the end of the universe which we kind of know is sort of not true. But that aside the story was strong if not overly wordy for the younger people it is aimed at, although I say that but I’m not 1 13 year old American person who I would imagine is much better versed in comic book reading than I am.

The artwork is alright but nothing special my other half described the Doctor as looking like a crazed monkey which in some panels I would agree but it adds to the frantic energy of the character. I’m really interested in seeing what happens next but lord only knows when and where I will find it.

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