Wario Land Shakes

Awesome this game actually exists. There was a moment a number of weeks ago when the Mr Morgan our current Big Brother reporter announced to the group gathered that Amy Winehouse had been arrested for exposing her clop to a tube carriage full of admirers. After much web searching and a small hunt in a newsagents it turns out that this was some sort of weird dream that Mr Morgan had had and Amy has lived to fight another day with out incarciration or indeed exposing herself.

I thought I was suffering from a similar experience. About a week ago I read a report on nintendowiifanboy about a new Wario platformer just for wiiware, it would include 3D cell shading and a bit of wiimote shaking antics to make everything a bit more interesting, it also promised a complete game rather than just a chapter like Lost Winds. I hunted online and googled a go go but found nothing, but today here it is the proof that it is existed, now share with me the joy…and any info you may know about this game.

Oh turns out I am little wrong after a bit of hunting (well clicking a link) it turns out it is a proper full on wii game that ninty are quietly shiffting out, this makes me a little less excited becaus they must think its poo.