Is Kerry Katona a Genius?

Well obviously the answer is no, she is a stupid, shallow, drug snorting/injecting/ swallowing whore (she may not be a whore) but a genius she is not. However her marketing people should possibly be given some award, or possibly put into prison for being so evil and manipulative. Above you can watch the ‘interview’ with dear Kerry from ‘This Morning’ where poor Fern and Phil (God bless them) had to carry out a convesation with Kerry as she slurred, talked shit and flicked her hair extensions. You can just imagine the panic up in the This Morning control room as they realised that this could possibly go tits up.

But oh my lord the amount of media attention the women is getting for this incident. Kerry has another reality tv programme coming onto MTV One about her breast reduction (thank God for small mercies, least there is slightly less of her on earth taking up our valuable resources) and then a ‘sexy’ photo shoot carried out for Zoo. So far The Guardian alone has carried out three articles about This Morning, Closer has issues a statement about not being happy that Kerry Katona has carried out a photoshoot and interview with a rival magazine when she writes fro Closer and even I am here typing to you about it. This will mean people will tune into This Morning tomorrow to see if anything is said, Closer will be bought to see what is said, Kerry Katona: Whole again will now get more viewers on MTV and the pervy men at home will be running out to buy Zoo to see a slightly less booby version of Kerry.