Doctor Who - The Unicorn And The Wasp

I feel as though I am not qualified to review this episode as I am not a fan of the murder mystery genre or Agatha Christie (ooooo the official Agatha site has a TARDIS, how exciting). Not that I am against them or have any hatred or dislike it just invokes feelings of meh, take it or leave it. So this could potentially be rather short. The premise is that the Doctor and Donna end up in 1926 at a party that is attended by Agatha Christie and a giant killing wasp and every thing goes a little murder mystery weekend as one by one the guests are knocked off with various household implements.

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The episode is solid, well written and looks pretty with a good mix of humour and drama. Oh lord I think I am starting to bore myslef with this review. Ho hum, mmmmmmmmmm *strains brain* I think that is all I can come up with. For me it was no way as dire as last week and its good to see things going a little less sci-fi I think audiences can forget how versatile the set up of Doctor Who is and this was a gentle reminder. I honestly think alot was lost on me and could possibly go so far as to say that maybe it was a little self indulgent of Russel T. to go about making this episode. I got the feeling from confidentialthat this episode was created for his own amusement he played a rather large part in its creation.

I did have a problem with the last tne minutes making very little sense, I wanted more motive from giant wasp dude, and the mental link to Agatha seemed a little contrived. Also the suit case full of past adventure stuff, although lovely as it was to see past things and stuff, is it too much to ask to see another room in the TARDIS where all of it could be kept?

In conclusion. Yay to a nice camp romp, but also yay to this not being Doctor Who every week.

And as I did not realise that Mis Blakeberough was writting a review at the exact same time here is the link to her thoughts and feeling.

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  1. Ha, great minds. What a treat for you all, you get both of us.

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