The Fall Out From Manuelgate

Oh dear, the poor Beeb has taken a rather large battering over the last couple of years, so much so that even dear old Queenie was dragged into it at one point. The BBC is a wonderful creation, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but as it is paid for by the public it is also under constant public scrutiny.

We here at yourface only touched on the Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross slightly as not even we with our marvelous media minds could predict how long this story would be milked for and how much it would actually affect the BBC. Although Miss Blakeborough did a lovely job summing up the events I feel I would like to take a crack at the whip just for those people who use this site as their one and only news source.

Are you sitting comfertably?

One day two very famous comedians who are known for being risky were allowed to be on a radio programme together on BBC 2. During this programme they thought it would be blates hilare to leave voice mail messages on British actor Andrew Sachs (who is beast/only known for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers 30 years ago) describing Mr. Brands sexual escapades with his grandaughter who so happens to be some sort of vampire lesbian darg queen thing.

The Mirror hears about this story 2 weejs after transmission and decides to gout all out about making it a scandal leading to a milion and one complaints from people who have never heard the programme. Russel leaves the Beeb and Ross is suspended. The Mirror feels moraly superior and every one just ignores the fact that The Mirror has shares in the three largest porn channels on Sky and would do anything to slander the Beeb as it is a competitor in the world of news.

The poor Beeb also lost a wonderful Radio Controller who changed BBC radio 2 from old man radio to the coolest place to be if people talking is what you want to hear across the airwaves. It has mean that the BBC have had to change the role of a producer and all pre recorded broadcast needs to be listened to by higher authorities, there has also been a crack down on language and if words such as cunt are to be used in a BBC programme it needs to be ok’d by a variety of high level execs. On top of this The Mirror now thinks its ok to try and create a scandal from everything it sees on the BBC, the latest being John Barrowman exposing himself during a radio interview. But that doesnt seem to be whipping up a storm even though they have published it three times in the paper and has been updated daily online.

I think its wonderful and fantastic that we allow freedom of press and it is allowed to scrutinise what is broadcast, it just annoys me when hypocrites do it and then people listen with out knowing all the facts or the extent that their actions will hurt and harm others.

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    Describes the situation wonderfully including the vested interests of the papers involved (Murdock owns the sun as well as sky, The Mirror owns that porn channel and the mail is owned by people who own most of ITN) The stirrers-up of this ’scandal’ are only out to hurt the competition.

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