Behind The Shutters- London

Its not often that I get a chance to go to galleries and museums but its one of my most bestest things to do when I have some spare time. So I was delighted when visiting a lovely lady in London that one of our activities for the weekend was a trip around the Behind the Shutters gallery in Shoreditch and more specifically the ‘Mutate Britain’ exhibition.

Galleries can never be described, so here’s some bullet pointed  highlights:

  • cute but naughty models made of bits of motorbikes
  • a graffiti painting of a man rimming a woman(?) all displayed on a aeroplane panel
  • phallic/vaginal imagery a go-go
  • stray dogs wandering around
  • pitch black maze with a bouncy castle floor which we got lost in for a while then emerged from a hiddren door into the blindingly bright main gallery

For me, one of the highlights was the work of Giles Walker who I swear is a wizard. Anyone who can turn speed cameras and megaphones into robot poledancers that girate just like the real thing gets my thumbs up. I’m linking to the site rather than stealing photos as this guy is amazing and deserves your clicks.

I’m not entirely sure how long this exhibition will be there, but keep an eye out for the name muTate Britain.

Extra bit:

Oh my god! I’ve just found this woman pictured in the dark maze. It appears that this part wasn’t working when we went in as there was none of this light in here! Imagine this completely dark and to the left is a disused lift and you’ll understand why we screamed like twats as we imagined a texas chainsaw massacre-esque horror was about to befall us.

What we actually should have seen.