Kylie X Tour and the Launch of 4Music

4Music finally launched last night. What was formaly known as ‘The Hits’ is now officially a channel 4 station (although it has been owned by them for quite some time.) And it started with a rather impressive bang.

The creepy as hell countdown was worth tuning in for, minimalist music which was occasionally interrupted with a distorted well know pop ditty and a black and white image from the video. Well done who ever came up with that.

Then the channel began with a foreword by Kylie Minogue and ‘Davina and Steve’s big ones’ which could have been any type of generic countdown show but this duo made it shine, some one should give them there own show.

Then Kylie: The X Tour. Yay to 4Music showing it. BOO to Kylie for not trying her hardest. The whole concert didn’t feel as though it had had as much love go into it as other tours and just felt a bit blah. Too many dancers wearing masks and lack of choreography sucked all the life and fun out of what is normally an incredible show. Kylie looked as though she was working rather than enjoying herself. I cant blame Kylie though, I will blame the fucker William Baker who has slwoly been crawling up his own arse for the last couple of years that he has actually forgotten that he used to be rather cool and edgy.

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  • Small
    but...but...but WE LOVE KYLIE

    i enjoyed about half of it, but yes, too many masks, not enough toplessness

    i still would
  • asdf
    show looked cold because it was heavily edited, they edited out 5-6 songs and cut almost all of interaction with crowd.
    but i still think it's her best show
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