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I’ve left it all to Blackett here recently, but dissertation done, I shall be back to show off. Hoo-rah.

Bit of a tangent to start back with I’m afraid. Television has informed me that it has already been a year this week since Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal, and as such there seem to be a spate of programming dedicated to exposing the mystery behind it all.

Obviously, this programming doesn’t start until Wednesday, but I would like to begin ‘Madeleine Media Watch’.  There is bound to be hundreds of exposes and stories about this during the week, so it’d be hard for us to completely ignore.

Not to be considered as bad taste, let me elaborate…

Media coverage is likely to be biased one of two ways. Either focussing on the tragedy, or placing the blame on the McCann’s themselves. I think it will be interesting to see which one is preferred by the media in this country, and also the stance which the forthcoming documentaries will take.

Opinions? Discuss.

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  • Blackett
    Ooooooo controversial. Im hoping that all our dreams do come true and there is the 'Deal or no Deal' Maddie special will actually happen.

    But seriously it makes me sick that it has been a year now and the meida is shamlessly cashing in. What do they hope to achieve? It isnt as though by having programmes based around the dissapaearance some will have a sudden brainwave and think why didnt we check under the bed? And there she will be safe and sound.

    I think that the whole ordeal was a tragic even and because we are never going to know what happened it should be left alone now. Im shuddering at the thought of an ITV celebrity based find Maddie show.
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