Virgin Media, Why do they get it so wrong?

mmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm, I dont know…..what?…… I don’t get……….WHAT?

My initial thought was that this was possibly part of a longer advert, possibly a mini film, but no.

I actually dont understand it and would love for some one to explain the advert, the concept behind it, why money was spent here and even though Mick Hucknall clearly didn’t want to be involved they thought it was ok to get a voice over person in.

I am just going to sit here in a bundle of confusion a little longer.

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  • Andy
    Awful animation, poor voice work, and jokes only Simply Red fans or long suffering family members of Simply Red fans would get. Dire stuff.
  • Blackett
    oh, is there an actual joke in this? Can you explain it please.
  • Andy
    Branson's xenophobic stereotype nurse uses the names of various Simply Red songs in her lines.
  • Blackett
    Thank you for clearing that up, I am so glad that Virgin chose Simply Red with all their iconic tunes uch as........hmmmmmm.........I am drawing a complete blank, have no idea...
  • Andy
    You should think yourself lucky. When I was little my favourite musician was Phil Collins, because of the three tapes in my Mum's car (Phil, Kylie, and Simply Red) his was the least painful.
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