Claire’s Affairs mark:1

I’m late. There’s a surprise.

But shut up you non-believers-in-me, soon it seems you will be hearing my dulcet tones on a podcast so that should more than satisfy you. Besides I was too busy on Saturday being molested by Coffield Brown and finding out that come the zombie apocalypse, both Morgan and Blackett feel I would die first.

To get back to the point though, this week’s ‘Claire’s Affairs’ will centre around the big ol’ hoo har surrounding Brand and Ross. And Clarkson it now seems. Basically, in normal Jeremy Clarkson style, the Top Gear presenter has managed to get himself into trouble for opening his big mouth just a little too wide and making a joke about the (fairly) recent murders of several prostitutes in Ipswich.

Now, I didn’t see this, and the transcript does seem to be in pretty bad taste but its not really a new thing that Clarkson makes jokes that are bit close to the line. Where will it all end? Will Clarkson go too? Should he?

P.S. Here’s a nice picture for you all on a Tuesday evening:

This is the new and improved Kate Winslet believe it or not. Shockingly some believe that this has been airbrushed. Never! What is this world coming to. Nice though.