She’s A Boy I Knew

Wa-hoo, another trip to the Phoenix to see a film I would normally not have heard of. Part of the Gay and Lesbian film festival (as was Otto) doing the tour round the country, She’s A Boy I Knew is a documentary/diary of Gwen (formally Steven) Haworth’s transition from male to female.

The story is told through the eyes of Gwen’s ex-wife, Mother, Father and Sisters alongside several friends, with Gwen narrating. Told in a very simple, but very effective, retrospective manner- by way of old home movies- this short and sweet film is a fresh take on transsexuality.

As my other half remarked to me as we left, against the odds this is a thoroughly cheerful little film; one of self discovery, suffering, but ultimately the joy of being able to be oneself. Quite unusual I found for a film about a topic which so often focuses on the hardship and depression that go hand in hand with gender reassignment. Instead, I came out feeling uplifted and happy at having just seen a- albeit unconventional- love story.

Bravo Gay and Lesbian film festival. Although Otto wasn’t my cup of tea, this short run of films has proven that there are some innovative and interesting films about a range of topics so often scandalised.

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  • Small
    This sounds really good, i wanna see!!

    is it on dvd?
  • Blackett
    God damn it I wanted to see this film, completely forgot it was on. Im sensing a DVD night coming on.
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