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Doctor Who - Sontaran Stratagem



Yay to two parters, probably one of the hardest things to form an opinion about, what to say? what to say? I think I should start by I loved it! Martha is back, although a little bit bitter ‘my parents were tortured’ etc, your mother loved it and you know it! And so are the Sontaran, not being an old who fan I wasn’t thinking wow I remember in episode 12 of season 42 when Sontaran 12 wept and then I cried, I hope they cry again, but they are rather awesome. A bit like a Klingon but smaller and more potato like they are hell bent on war and they are going to wage it…through sat nav of all things.

More after the break.

Im hoping this is awsome for kids who start looking at their parents sat nav the next time and decide that they are going to claw it out so that they know this trip wont be their suffocating last.

Then there is the stuff for the adults. The speech the Doctor gives when he thinks that Donna is leaving is so moving and then had me laughing my socks off (also note Madussa Cascade being mentioned oooooooo). But my favourite moment, and possibly one of my favourite moments in Whodum is Donna walking down the street and seeing a boy kicking a football and then then we get a montage of all the strange things she has seen. I think this is an amazing moment that reminds the audience Donna is just an every day person and she is seeing incredible things. Moved me to tears a little, not a lot but enough.

Xaviers school for gifted children was a nice touch, and the genius boy…Adam….Henry Van Statton…what ever his name was is weirdly hot with his giant features and miniature height, I hope he meets a sticky end.

I think the yucky pre Martha clone creature is going to give me nightmares.

Finally this episode was amazingly epic! The end scene showing all those cars with the gas and the Doctor standing in the street looked like a season finale two parter rather than a just at the start of things episode four cliffhanger. Well done Doctor Who team I give it 8 Martha heads.

*Also well done Helen Raynor after the awful Dalek episodes last season, you seem to have learned how to write!