Guitar Hero and Little Big Planet

Howdy folks, this is just a quickie, I will come back and talk about this in more detail later. But I am noticing a certain hypocrisy in gaming at the moment. The latest instalement of Guitar Hero and the new Little Big Planet offer and encourage (if you have the time) a rather niffty function, you as a user are encouraged to produce your own music and levels (a prosumer if you will.) Then put them on the interweb for all the world to se/hear and play with themselves.

The problem with this though is that people love to make things that they already know so que a flurry of Nintendo theme tunes and level designs (as well as others, but its almost like I have Nintendo blinkers on when I read a news article) using these pieces of non Nintendo software followed by panic and then with out warning these user created bits and bobs have been removed with out warning.

So I put to you oh yourface readers, what do you think of this practise? Do you think people should be able to create what they like as long as they dont make money from it? Or should everything ever created befor be protected and kept sacred?