Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe



Thats right folks all your dreams have come true as these two wonderful worlds are being clashed together in some sort of giant fighting combo something or other… I can’t do it, I cant lie. Who thought that this would be a good idea for a game is a loon! In my ickle mind I would like to think that team up battle, cross genre mash ups should always be saved for two gods to come together after years of begging from fans.

Although I say this and I’m struggling to think of a time when this went well, except Alien vs Predator, the game not the films and possibly the linking up of Lego and everything under the sun at the moment. But poor Freddy vs Jason or the episode of Power Rangers when they got all the red rangers together seem to fall short of the initial potential.

Any way whoop whoop crossover joy of one mediocre franchise with another that hasn’t been one good game yet. The only way it could be more perfect is if Sega were producing it.