Iron Man (updated) May07


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Iron Man (updated)

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To be honest I had no interest in this film, Iron Man probably being one of the dullest comic book characters submitted to paper but with Robert Downy and Gwynth Paltrow I though well it cant be too bad, it might actually be good. But all this film generated in me was a resounding meh. So incredibly blah that my other half felt rather happy to go to the toilet and not fear missing out on something we had spent our well earned money to see. The story involves Tony Stark being a playboy type who inherited a weapon building business from his father and coincidentally turns out to be some kind of genius with technology himself. he goes to generic middle eastern setting to show off some weapons and ends up being captured but in true Blue Peter style he pieces together a large suit which flies him to safety. He then sees the error of his ways and decides to build a much more streamline suit to go and destroy all of his weapons sold around the world unaware that his buisness partner/fathers best friend is the bad guy and is building a suit of his own.

All of which sounds more exciting than it actually is. Tony Stark is nice and has his funny moments but his ultimate motivation doesn’t sound that believable, hes not really trying to save any one so you don’t really care. Every one else is equally blah, and might as well come from the cut out book of Marvel film characters, the villian even has a bald head and an un-naturally pointy beard. My biggest problem is that I didn’t see anything here that couldn’t have been done on TV. Iron Man is not alone in this, I kind of get this impression from most big screen blockbusters at the moment. Cinema should be an event and this just didn’t feel as though it was worth almost £20 to see. Roll on The Dark Knight Returns.

This little post credits clip, which as you can guess I did not wait to see has made the film a little more exciting, but only a little.