The Worrying Slimming Down of Fictional Folk

As I walked into work this morning I had a pleasant surprise, a silver van adorned with all things Slush Puppy was parked ever so delightfully in the car park of the fair establishment that pays my wages. I was filled with child like nostalgia.

This did not last long.

As I moved closer I realised that the Slush Puppy Puppy has had a bit of a redesign and clearly been told to go on an enforced diet. This troubled me. We have talked about the forced weight loss of fictional characters before on Your Face (the Dora incident) but who would have thought that this had become such an epidemic? I have scoured the net (i.e. spent my lunch break Googling) and found some former fatties who have been forced to lose the tub!

What kind of role models are these to plumbers and blue hedgehogs out there. If you have any other characters you think should be added to the list just let us know in the comments below.