The Ting Tings: Hands

It seems that hands are the new black, Sia clapped her hands in her latest single and Little Boots was so fond of the appendage that she named her album after our five fingered friend (and lets not forget that Alanis Morissette was rather keen on putting them in her pockets or washing them clean). Now The Ting Tings are back and want in on some of this hand action with their new tune:

TTH by kevv2

Its rather joyful and a bit of a change from ‘We Started Nothing’, which can only be a good thing as it was almost three years ago. Lets just hope they don’t pull the same trick as last time and release some top notch singles and then a rather pedestrian album.

The Ting Tings came to visit us in Leicester one year, here is an al-right review of their show.